Sep 16, 2011

The home edition

This gold garden stool is listed on's website for $129 but I have the same one which I snagged from Home Goods for $49.99. The kids use it as a launching pad. Wish I had that chair...

I need to redo my bathroom upstairs. You think this is child friendly enough?I like the cleanliness of it minus the light fixture.

A while back I bought two chairs off ebay. I had them reupholstered but now they are falling apart. The kids have recked them. So I'm in the market for two chairs for the living room. My current palette is mocha (the couch), blue, and citrine with gold touches. Tell me your thoughts on these chairs:

cb2, retails for $799:

Babcock: $359

Babcock: $359

West Elm: $899

Don't need it just want it cuz its a pretty little thing:

So...which one do you think I should get? Remember its got to stand up to the kid test.

Let me know.

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Fred said...

All cute, and pricey! I'd check out for some good price options.