Sep 15, 2011

Fashion Week: Mama's roundup

As I've mentioned this CBM has a busy event job. So obviously when New York Fashion Week comes around, it gets extra crazy around town. So its basically my job to attend things as 'research'. So duty called and I of course answered the phone.

There was this very cool blogger breakfast, a party for an uber chic celebutant (Tracee Ellis Ross), a visit to the Jenny Packham show, then a final stop at the Victoria Secret Suite for some pampering (I mean research). So this CBM did what she does best-constantly remind myself where the 'chic busy' part of my moniker comes from.

Here's the photo recap:

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Jenny Packham Show: 9am on Monday morning- Mama was running so fast to make breakfast, pack lunch and get everyone out the door to make this show, especially since one of my bosses gave me the ticket :-). First stop Starbucks on 63rd where they promptly took so long to provide my Salted Caramel Mocha Latte that I had to leave so I wouldn't be late. Boo!

Celeb sighting: Mandy Moore in a beautiful sequin jacket (and yes she is a giant). Jenny Packham's show is mostly red carpet ready looks so you'll probably see it at all the awards shows. Lots of sorbet like colors, sequins and studs. Very lovely.

The next day I went to the Victoria Secrets suite located on the pooldeck of the Empire Hotel -manicures, make-up, massages, oh my!

I got a manicure and word on the street is my manicurist does Janet's (as in Jackson) nails whenever she comes to town.

I also enjoyed an Oxygen Facial. I'm not a facial person but this was just plain awesome. The woman Tarin Graham is a freelance facialist (have you even heard of such?). She told me these type of facials normally retail for $300 (holy cow!!)for an hour (I along with the other guests delighted in 15 minute versions). Afterwards, I did have all these pimples but I was promised that my 'all natural face-lift' would prevail.

The suite was decked out with all the latest VS products including these cute Victoria Secrets beach towels and their new fragrances. Before I left I was also given a lovely giftbag with panties, shower gel and a $50 giftcard-Score!!!

These last two shots are what I call pretty little things.

I took this shot of these sleek tight purple hydrangeas because when I saw them all I could think about was Madonna's recent flower freak out. I promise she would have loved these.

This other shot I took was of this super chic girl I saw with this mix of patterns and colors that all somehow worked together. Her shoes were a cream colored leopard, her skirt was another red brocade type pattern and her Prada bag had this impeccable throwback quality. She sealed the deal with a heather grey cashmere sweatshirt-I was all over it. So this picture is partly for you but mostly for my fall inspiration board, -cuz you know this CBM loves a pattern or two.

All in all, it was lots of fun and I had a blast and worked in between but alas its now time to sign off and be mommy. Cuz you know they could give two craps about this stuff. They just wanna know 'what's fa dinner'?

Do you ladies have any fashion worthy moments from this week? Do share.

Smooches Hot Chicks!

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