Dec 2, 2010


Welcome to my first installment of MommyShine. Every 1-2 months I will be interviewing working mom's to showcase how they do it all in hopes it can be of service to other working mom's (You) out there.

The below highlights the mom-work of Betty Huang, an awesomely smart, chicbusymom and an friend of mine (love ya') who is doing some great things. Take a minute and check her out.

Q. So Betty, how many children do you have and what are their ages?

A. Jake (5yrs), Max (2yrs)--too cute!

Q. What type of work do you do? Tell me a little bit about it.

A. I'm a partner at an incubator for internet start-ups. I get to hear about some really wacky ideas as well as a few really great ones. We're currently incubating a group buying site for moms, (you may have heard of it-kind of like Groupon but for Moms).

Q. How many hours a week do you work and do you have flexibility in your work schedule?

A. I "work" about 30-35 hours a week in an office, but I some days I feel like I'm constantly working -- anytime I'm online I feel like I'm "working".

Q. How do you feel about your ability to balance work/life/children? What's your biggest challenge?

A. My biggest challenge is that I actually have flexibility with my schedule and can work from wherever I want most of the time. Sounds like a dream, but I find that I'm constantly having to make a choice between staying home or going to work, whereas I used to not have a choice at all.

Q. What does 'me time' mean to you and how often do you get to take it?

A. "Me time" is my daily coffee ritual. I make my Nespresso, grab a magazine, and hide in the restroom after the kids have been fed breakfast. This is when Dad takes over (THAT MAN IS A KEEPER!!).

Q. Do you have a circle of mom friends to lean on?

A. Definitely! I always say that my first child was actually raised by my closest girlfriends.

Q. What's your favorite website?

A. doodledeals of course! Second favorite:jetsetter.

Q. What's the last book you read?

A. Anna Karenina - I'm not making this up. I read it because I felt like I had to. It took me a year, but I finally finished it.

* Juice Box or Water? Water

* Organic or Whatever looks fresh? Organic, but I never question when I'm in a restaurant.

* Trendy or Classic pieces? Always classic.

* Glass of Wine or A Cocktail? Champagne!

* Cook or Ordering out? Order. Ok, I have to change my favorite site to Seamlessweb.

TIP EXCHANGE: (Please share one time/money/sanity saving tip with other working moms).
When your child gets to Kindergarten or elementary school, let him eat hot lunch if he asks for it. You may worry about nutrition or whether or not it is organic, but you don't have to worry about making lunch! That is a HUGE stress relief! I think I have easily saved a couple of hours a week, not having to think/shop/make lunch.

FILL IN THE BLANK:Being a mother has made me realize...
That we really lived on the edge in the 70's. We played outside unsupervised (and it was ok), rode in cars without seat-belts, and walked ourselves home from school.

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love this new feature.... great to hear how other moms are making it happen...