Nov 30, 2010

A Holiday Recap

I think I mentioned that I was going to North Carolina to visit my family for Thanksgiving as well as spend time with ailing auntie. We had a great time with everyone, ate lots of crap I normally don't eat (did not see a vegetable in the 4 days I was there), and even got to bowl (my kids got higher scores than I did-womp womp).

Anyhoo, I don't know how many of you travel 10 hrs with your children but I promise you if you are not prepared you will surely be a casualty of war. I for one never leave home without the following:

1. Ample amounts of finger-food type snacks: grapes, Pirate's Booty, crackers, etc.

2. Entertainment- if you have yet to make the investment in a portable DVD player. Get in on the holiday sale madness and buy one now!! I'm telling you it truly keeps the older one's (3-8 yrs) occupied. And please oh please do not forget to bring the dvd's (a good enough selection to avoid too many repeats).

3. If you have small ones it doesn't hurt to invest in a portable potty. Note to self: limit the liquid intake.

Anyhoo, we left overnight on Wednesday and surprisingly enough met zero traffic -yippee!!! The kids slept most of the way and all was beautiful in the world.

Unfortunately, when we got there the baby began what would be a 3 day long bout with fever, runny nose and crankiness. After the 3rd day my aunt decided to do what elders do and take him from me while I and my cousins and the kids went bowling. After a few hours I returned to find a happy playful baby with no fever. How so, you ask? Onions in his socks...apparently it absorbs all the fever. Don't ask me all I know is, IT WORKED!

Thanksgiving was met by tons of amazing food prepared by my aunt and lots of family jokes and antics.

I think the most noteworthy would be the Rib Throwdown (Bobby Flay would be so proud) between my aunt (not the best cook-God bless her) and my uncle (a great cook and clear front runner). Six judges (I was one) and one amazing upset later and aunt Loretta took home the bragging rights and the kitty ($20 bucks). I'm not sure she'll ever let my uncle live it down but it was so much fun.

The drive home was the exact opposite of the drive there--TRAFFIC and 15hrs. of complaining, runny noses, crying, hitting, stopping to pee--I could go on. By the end I just wanted to crawl into to bed and forget that I had to work the next day.

Nevertheless, I'd like to thank my family for all their love and endless jokes and a special shout out to cousin Conda for taking us in.

Hope your's was just as blessed.


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Fred said...

You brought me BACK with your road-trip story. I'm sure my mom would have LOVED to have had such great distractions as a portable DVD player back in my younger days. I can see the can sodas, white bread, fried chicken and beef sausage (our travel snacks) now!