Dec 23, 2009

Juice vs. H20

I came upon this link today and wanted to share:

Now I know a lot of busy moms who struggle with this. My son is good for telling me he had 'water at school' but with further pressing I unearth that he means 3-4 sips from the water fountain--go figure.

I have tried (with sucess) however some of the tips listed in this article like diluting their juice or getting a suped up water bottle but I've found that negotiation and some good old fashioned trickery work best.

It works something like...'Mom can I have juice?'. 'Drink this full glass of water (and eat your dinner) and then you can have some juice (which by the way is less than half a kid's-size cup). Or, 'Mom, can I have some desert?'. Fill in tip above here--Don't judge me, it works

The other thing is you can rest on the fact that several of the cooked/fresh foods you are giving the wee ones have fair amounts of water in them like yogurt (which kids seem to love). Dr. Oz taught me that one

Just a little something to ease the guilt this holiday season.

Be well.


Unknown said...

lol..OMG Mama Mo..I have been there...but my plight rides with a toddler..who by the way will drink water willingly ONLY out of my own plastic water bottle orrrr....a fuschia colored water bottle that she loves to play with the

Anyway, loved this tidbit.. I will be following!

Unknown said...

Yes ,"You can have it after you drink this cup of water and eat this plate of food" Works everytime and they get full so they don't want as much water! Love it!

chicbusymom said...

The half pint poland spring water orb-like bottles work well but they are terrible for the environment so I don't buy. The kids do think however that they are some sort of custom designed kid water and the get more excited drinking that one.