Dec 23, 2009

Butt and Leg Toning Shoes...Do They Work?

Reebok Easy Tone, Sketcher Shape Ups, Fit Flops and the list goes on. The recent flood-to-market claims of shoes that can decrease cellulite, increase tone in your legs and butt has got me wondering...Do they really work?

Has anyone tried them? I need to know before I spend upwards of $100 bucks for a pair weird looking sneakers. I mean that money could really go to groceries or something far more important given the current economic climate.

They are picking up popularity all over the web, even a certain bootylicious celeb who shall remain nameless is using them-and I know because I follow her antics on Twitter (again no judging :)). They even have them in the form of winter boots now so you can work your booty while you pound away in the snow, sleet and rain no less. Carla, my hair dresser (who I literally never get to see anymore) uses them and I asked her a while back if they work and although she said yes it wasn't with enough chutzpah and buyer enthusiam to send me over the purchasing edge.

So back to the shoes/boots/flip flops (there are plenty of colors and types to tickle the fancy), if in fact they do work one might secretly stash away a few bucks a week or make a special request for her birthday (coming up soon). I mean c'mon who doesn't need a better looking booty or pair gams?

And the best part, you could even do it walking to and from work, pushing the stroller or running errands on the weekend--its practically a mindless workout (LOVES IT in theory).

So hot chicks, can anyone vouch for these and if so which brand do you like best?


'cause my body is too bootylicious for you baby'

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BigCNYC said...

I confess I bought the Fit Flop sandals over the summer after my normal Havanana's couldn't hold up my growing pregnancy weight. The Fit Flops were like a miracle on my feet. I assumed I buy a winterized pair for my 8th and 9th months, but I couldn't part with the money. $100 for shoes without a back? I ended up buying some clogs from TJ Maxx for $40 and they work just as good. As far as the booty workout, I don't see the difference. I believe in good ole running and squats with weights.