May 4, 2014

Motherhood: The Social Series

Mother's Day is coming and all sorts of fun projects are upon us. One in particular is an amazing photo/video series that my kids and I participated in entitled The Social Series Project. It is the genius work of Sabrina Thompson  (@Sabjuda on Instagram and @IamSabrinaT on Twitter) all around Renaissance woman.

You will see the look in my face when I found out what we were actually doing (she kept it a surprise right up until that moment). It was fun and looks really great.The following blurb is straight from her website and preceeds the video:

THE SOCIAL SERIES PROJECT is a series of online campaigns that promotes positive images in society through imagery.  We live in a world filled with negative images, and KUU photography wants to take responsibility and create balance through amazing visual arts. We present to you the fourth edition titled:  Motherhood is….

Check out the social series below:

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