Jan 27, 2014

Got Vitamin D?

I went to visit my doctor today to follow up on some blood work that was done a few weeks ago. She said I was Vitamin D deficient. I had already known that and had read a bit to understand a lot of women in more metropolitan areas have this deficiency.  Makes sense more tall buildings = less sunlight. Whatever, I thought and basically blew it off.

Today, I however was made to pay attention.  My deficiencies are less than half of where they should be for me.  Lack of vitamin D can lead to memory loss, lack of energy and aches and pains to name a few. Damn, I was three for three. Not good. She prescribed 50,000 mg supplement and sent me on my way.

I'm going to obey doctors orders and pay attention to my 40 year old bad self. Its the only body I have right? That said, as soon as I'm finished here I'm headed online in search of nice warm place to soak up some Vitamin D rays with the fam.

Bye bye, winter, vacation here we come...


Beauty and the Bump said...

Wow! I would have never guess you're 40!!! You look amazing :)

Enjoy your vacation and I hope it helps improve your Vitamin D deficiency

chicbusymom said...

Hey Kim!

Thank you, you are too kind. I definitely feel 40!! Hope you are well and maybe we'll see each other soon.


Unknown said...

Me too! Taking a supplement-Vitamin D gummies I got at Target. I lived in the Cayman Islands for seven years, no problem! returned to PA and during my pregnancy my levels took a hit. The vitamins will def. help you!

DeidreJW said...

It is so interesting...I just went to my doctor and my number should be at 30 but I am at a 5. SERIOUS DEFICIENCY! I have to take 2000 IU daily.i will try the gummies.