Sep 6, 2013

I Got A New Attitude (in my best Patti Labelle voice)

By now you've checked out our new blog digs.  I just want to say that I'm over the moon about the look. Over the next few weeks we'll be making a few more adjustments to round out the changes but you can't deny her sexiness right? Shout out to the folks at Suite 10E and Pixod for all the help.

I'm working on a few big things for the Chicbusymom brand so I hope that you check back regularly so you don't miss a thing. I'd like to share the next big thing and that is my 8-week partnership with Essence & Walmart which you can see here:

I'll be sharing the latest must have items, back-to-school goods, home decor/organization stories and most importantly my motherhood features (see previous post). I want you all to know that I appreciate every eyeball, Tweet, retweet and so on.


PhotoStory Collections said...

Oooo pretty new digs!! Be back soon

Cassandre said...

Congrats, i love the new look and overall feel.. i look forward to seeing what's to come

chicbusymom said...

Thanks ladies!