May 28, 2013

Kinkylicious: A Fun Summer Cocktail

Thought I'd share this with you so you too can kick your summer celebration off right. This past Memorial Day weekend I had this delicious cocktail at a friend's house. We probably had way too many and you definitely should put it in more of a short glass (ideas suggested below) or a champagne flute. Kinky as the bottle below reads is a fruit infused vodka made with blood orange, mango and passion fruit--Owww!!

My friend Nicole is so good about setting me up with a lovely glass of something as soon as I step through the door (she's so good to me). Normally its a very lovely glass of red or white but not this time. She passed me a pink concoction she called the The Kinky (I'm renaming it Kinkylicious -you know, just cuz I can). Of course I couldn't keep it to myself so I'm sharing her recipe with you and I promise its so simple to make:

2 oz. Kinky Liqueur 
2 splashes of Lemonade
1 splash Gingerale
Sliced strawberries, blackberries, and or blueberries

OK, do not use these glasses. We later found out
 this much actually kills your Kinky and makes you super sleepy.
Smaller glasses of this work best.

Kinkylicious all dolled up and ready to go. Enjoy!

Special Edition of Chicbusymom Dailies: Top 10 Summer Fun Entertaining Essentials that will up your at-home party statement.


2. Tall Butler Tray Stand $149 at West Elm

For tips on styling I found great ideas on this HGTV post :

3. Lacquer Trays $24 and $32 at West Elm

4. Format Lucite Tray $39.95 at CB2 (get a piece of colored paper or Monogrammed sticker to personalize the inset of this. Instant style!
5. Monogrammed Roadie Wine Glasses $30 for set of four 12 oz. glasses at Papers & Presents 
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6. Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser $27.99 at Target

7. Threshold Beverage Dispenser $57.99 at Target

8. Monogram paper napkins, $8 at C Wonder

9. Stripe, Polka Dot, Chevron Straws, $4 for 20 at Papers & Presents 

10. Monogram Coasters, $40 at Papers & Presents

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