Apr 10, 2013

Vision Partypalooza

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend my workfriend's birthday party. To be exact, the invite read, 'Please join me for a vision board making party and to celebrate our collective dreams and my birthday' or so I saw after the fact. In true 'doing too much too fast fashion' I of course neglected to actually read the invite. I just blocked the date off for my awesomely talented friend/neighbor/co-worker and kept it moving.

The night of her party however, my other workfriend who I was going with asked if I had my magazines together...Ummm, whatchutalkingboutwillis? Girl (nice and drawn out like a true black girlfriend) didn't you read the invite? Its a Vision Party. Ok, I didn't know what that was but I quickly made the kids dinner plates and grabbed the first 2 magazines I saw (a scholastic news magazine and a gossip rag- don't judge).

Once inside, I was greeted by the raucous laughter of beautiful progressive women, the most delicious libations known to man (something called 'Mother's Milk') and a kitchen cranking out dish after dish of yummy vittles. I was literally on a set for Black Girls Woodstock. Mama was feeling all warm and spiritual and I hadn't even visioned or whatever you call it yet. I had literally walked into Vision Partypalooza and was happy to be there.

When it was time to get started all guests were asked to put their magazines on the floor in a pile. There were also boxes filled with glitter, glue sticks, stickers and and other craft materials. We were then introduced to our life coach for the evening, Lisa. Lisa shared with us why we there, what vision was and then had us do a breathing and mental exercise to help get us to our most productive places for our evening project.

By definition, visioning is essentially a chance to visually represent all the things you would like to attract to your life. You cut photos and phrases from magazines or websites, glue them on a poster board (or whatever you'd like) and place it somewhere you can see it on a regular basis so you are reminded of your goals. It's literally genius and can make you feel inspired each time you look at it.

We had a blast that night and I was so glad I'd gone and made my board (see below :-). I have it in my bedroom next to me so I can look at it everyday. I was proud of myself and really appreciated the opportunity to learn and do something for ME. I want to have my own vision parties and I hope you are inspired to have your own too. Enjoy the pics and please share if you have photos or comments about vision experiences you've participated in.

We'd love to hear.


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PhotoStory Collections said...

I did a vision board for a Dwell event I went to and thought it would be a great idea for my workspace but having an actual party??? Girrrrrrrl I'm in! Lol and that Mother's Milk looks yummy. Great idea might have to go pull some of my old mags out