Nov 21, 2012

Chicbusymom visits the Katie Couric Show!


I was on the train the other day when my email dinged. I clicked open and boy was I surprised. There was an email from a Katie Couric show producer. I had submitted my email to be a guest blogger when I saw Katie at BlogHer but who knew the would actually reach out to me especially for a show featuring Alicia Keys.  I was so excited to attend a show so closely tied to my blog because Katie Couric and Alicia Keys are both chic, busy moms.

When I got to ABC studios I was shown to the green room. (Woohoo! Official blogger is also code for talent, and talent gets to sit in the green room!) I settled in with a nice cup of coffee and got my devices all wired up. After getting to my seat in the front row of the audience (, we were greeted by Katie Couric. 
We dove right into a great conversation about Alicia’s new album and where she is in her life right now. We all want to be a supermom, but it’s nice when there’s a super man there to help carry the load. In my life, my amazing husband is often my biggest supporter. From the sounds of it, it looks like Alicia has that relationship with her husband, Swizz (Kasim) Beatz. They are each other’s best friends and it’s so important to have someone to support and inspire you like he does.
When Katie introduced Alicia Keys to the stage I was blown away by how amazing she looked in-person and up close. Alicia had on a sexy black dress, slicked back hair and bold red lips. Can you say “Sexy” Chic Busy Mom? I just kept trying to suck in my stomach on camera! (Baby steps) As a mom, our health and fitness are sometimes put on the back-burner  When you’re wrangling the kids, a job and a household, going to the gym just seems like another chore. Alicia Keys serves as a shining example of how rewarding it is to make our health a priority. When you see the clip of her and Katie working out with “The Hollywood Trainer” Jeanette Jenkins, you will see why her body is ‘On Fire!’ And let me tell you, Jeanette is a friend of mine, and those workouts are NOT easy!
But what I loved most about Alicia Keys wasn’t her voice or her bangin’ bod. I was so impressed by how lovingly she talked about her family. On her new album she recorded an adorable conversation she had with her two-year-old son, Egypt, and put it on a track. They played a clip for us and it was so darn cute. Alicia was also grew up surrounded by strong women like her mom and her paternal grandmother, Nana Mae. They helped her become the woman she is today, and I’m sure she’ll pass those traits down to Egypt.
At the end of the show, Alicia performed two songs “Girl on Fire” and “Brand New Kind of Me.” I have to say, I have seen her live before, but this time was different. There was happiness, and a peaceful soulfulness in her voice. It was if she had shed her girlish shield and had transformed into a woman. Motherhood often has that affect on people.

I hope you guys get to see the show. It was a very special experience for me and I am grateful for the opportunity. They've invited me back in the future so I'll keep you posted on that too.

Until next time & Happy Thanksgiving!!,

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I was also struck by how composed, graceful, articulate and mature Alisha presented herself.

Losing in the City said...

i am so happy that you were able to experience. awesome experience for an awesome blogger. alicia looked amazing.

chicbusymom said...

@losingcity Amazing is not even the word. And she still looked like a real peron.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Fantastic ... so happy you were able to experience this!

Unknown said...

I'm a bit slow, so I am just seeing this. Wonderful post. Happy New Year to you and hope to catch up soon!

PhotoStory Collections said...

I was the guest blogger to the Tyler Perry episode and was blown away by how powerful and attractive he was up close and personal. I still think that having a live blogger is such a GREAT idea! You look too cute :-)