Nov 1, 2011

Things I'm loving lately...

My Nail polish - Ski Teal You Drop by OPI. I saw this on my co-worker Laura and eventhough she has a lot less melanin then me I was convinced it would look just as good. This weekend I went for the gusto and I decided to get it on my fingers (color on my hands is super ambitious for me) and toes. So glad I did.

All the pretty places: Loving that I got to hit up Miss Lilly's on West Houston for some authentic Carribean fare with side of downtown cool. I got the jerk chicken and my friend got this lobster dish that was EVERYTHING!

Also hit up COOP (good tapas style menu- way pricey though) at the Rivington Hotel followed by Beauty & Essex (the champagne lounge in the ladies room is friggin awesome-I don't know how they get people out of there) on a night out with my girls. Of course I was the first to go home but that's ok. I still made it out, right? Pictured below is this ridiculously good desert we ordered at COOP. Let's all scream #DIETFAIL in unison.

Having the privilege to spend time with my son (as a class chaperone) and be a part of his Lenape (Native Americans and first inhabitants of Staten Island) study at the Staten Island Museum. I even got to ride the Staten Island Ferry for the first time without getting sea sick. Fun times.

And the piece de resistance (drum roll please): my 2 year old baby boy made a first time announcement that he had to potty this morning. And although he had to wait his turn, he gamely held it and deposited as promised. Of course, we all applauded enthusiastically in hopes this notion may appear again. Yay big boy!

Sidenote: I'm road-testing this CROC flat-iron on loan from my friend Chardy. I got so tired of her singing its praises that I agreed to try it out on my own hair. Let's hope it leaves me with silky tresses. Stay tuned on that one.


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