Jun 6, 2011

Mom vs. Maintenance

I was just in my work cafeteria popping a rare squat (you know taking in the sights) and a beautifully well coifed woman walks by with the most fantastic Sam Fine-esque (celebrity makeup artist) face and expertly styled hair and it instantly occured to me that all that maintence just wouldn't work for me.

I mean I'd probably get the makeup on my clothes, on the kids (because I'm clumsy and a little goofy) and honestly I just don't have the time to 'beat' my face in the morning AND get an entire family dressed, fed and out the door.

It got me to thinking about the fight I had with my son's stroller this morning trying to avoid my crisp white pants (I didn't fair so well) and even that was more than I bargained for. You see I work for a magazine and technically I should be presenting a 'look' everyday but most of the time I'm just happy if I get my panties on straight (and yes, I said and meant that).

In the morning with getting the kids out its a mad house as I'm sure you other working moms know. The last thing I literally get to do is my hair. Just this morning, my daughter looked up at me with a smirkish smile and said, 'Mommy are you going to leave your hair like that?' but what she really meant was mommy, your hair looks like crap and even I as a 4 yr. old know not to leave the house like that. With the 10 minutes I had left I through some bobby pins and my trustee Frederic Fekkai Shea cream on and kept it moving. Anthing longer than that would probably lead to the 19 month old is finally getting his hands in the toilet for a drink or even better launching golf balls down the stairs unbeknownst to anyone below :-/

Nevertheless, I do try (even just a smidgeon) to 'maintain' a certain level of chicness but have made an art in doing it all in about 30-35 minutes. I should probably write the mom's guide to getting ready or something like that and make a boat load of Kimora type money--start an empire or something! BUT I digress as usual.

So, I'll leave you with these few parting words: To the PGP (Pretty Girl Posse-is what we used to call those type girls in college) you keep beating your face for an hour in the morning and I'll keep wiping breakfast off my pants and toothpaste of my shirt. Because that's all I can do-but trust I make it look good :-)

Smooches Hot Chicks,


BigCNYC said...

Chic Busy Mom, I love this post as I thought I was looking presentable for work until after applied sunscreen to my 17-month-old's face and it got on my black tank top. Oh well. I didn't change.

And as someone who sees you occasionally in said cafetria, you could write a book/manual/host a workshop/show about getting dressed in 30 minutes because you always look fab.

chicbusymom said...

awww BigCNYC you are way too kind.