Apr 18, 2011

Deal Overload...

I don't know if you do this too but I signed up for a million deal sites hoping to score that one thing that knocks my or my kids socks off.

I belong to Stylefind, Swirl by DailyCandy, Gilt (purchased an amazing pair of R.J. Graziano studs today!!), Jetsetter, Ruelala, Shopittome, Outnet, Doodledeals (groupon style site for parents), Groupon, Toyrus (Deals of the Day), Livingsocial (on my phone and desktop), and I just resisted the urge to click on the Valpak daily deals link on the right hand nav of my Facebook page because of course they (the tracking data Gods) must know I love a good deal too!

Anyway, I think I have what some may call 'Deal Fatigue' because now I get so many offers that in my mind I'm calculating money I haven't actually spent yet and I'm compounding the virtual unspent costs and I'm suddenly siked out of actually clicking on that hyper-design beautiful deal or I'm like damn there are too many emails in my inbox--delete, delete, delete. Does that happen to anyone else?

All that said, I have gotten some great stuff and I am a sale-maven or a 'Maxxinista?' as they say (there is a beautiful mocha Cynthia Rowley mini 'speedy' at the new TJ Maxx on 57th Street). I have 3 kids and I rarely pay full price for anything (usually because I should be spending it on a bill or dance/swimming lesson) so honestly I should be thanking the high-end coupon good/service movement.

So....thanks guys I appreciate having the wool pulled over my eyes (in that very chic and exclusive online cocktail party way) as only you can.

Me and my credit cards will be back with all our buyer's guilt.



Losing in the City said...

i totally hear you on the deals.. i am absolutely obsessed with groupon and livingsocial.. i saw a pilates bootcamp class for $40 that i think i want to try.. look at it this way, at least your saving :-)

Fred said...

I just saw a report on the local news (I'm big on local news). The reporter noted how people are signing up for all these deals scouring the planet for the best deals. The worst is that folks are signing up, paying for deals and then not using them (they expire on them). Everyone should have a few questions answered before getting the deal of the day: is this something I've really wanted/need? Can I use this by the expiration date? If I wanted a few hours would I still want it?

Alicia said...

I have way too many deals crowding my inbox too. It's insane because I'm tempted to buy things I don't need or wouldn't have otherwise thought of buying. LOL.