Jan 5, 2011

This fresh mouth does not get Orbit!

So last night my 3 yr old entered into what I'm calling a sassy exchange about what she was/wasn't going to do. I found her to be very fresh and her behavior unacceptable. I did what any other self-respecting mother would do, I took her away her new Sketchers Twinkle Toes boots. I told her I put them in the garbage but of course what I had really done was put them in a cabinet (because I don't believe in wasting my hard earned money!) I know she won't check. Ok, so that was last night.

This morning we were ready to leave the house and of course she asked me for the boots. I told her she needed to earn them back with better behavior. She gave me a bit of a side-eye but nodded her head like she understood.

This evening however we re-entered the sassy exchange mode on the way home and I had to really think about what to do to really make her understand I meant business. I decided to take away the one thing she looks forward to when she gets home, and that is hanging out.

We came home and promptly took her upstairs to bed and after about 25 min of crying I sat down with her and explained how I won't tolerate disrespectful children and that this is her second strike (even I wanted to say blah blah but I know its necessary). She apologized and promised AGAIN it won't happen tomorrow...

Anyhoo, I'm positive this girl is going to give me run for my money...now & later!

What does that Orbit lady say? 'Dirty mouth? Clean it up',

Yeah that's Moi-just call me The Cleaner :-)

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