Dec 21, 2010

Never met a sequin I didn't like...

If you know me you know I tend to err on the side of overdoing with my outfits sometimes. Daddy says I often look like I'm about to hit the stage at any moment (Beyonce has got nada on me with her Thierry Mugler specialty costumes). I guess I never get tired of 'dressing up'. I have memories of me as a child piling on my mother's bracelts, handbags, hats, or any accessory I could find.

It has affected my true love of 'the add-ons'. I love shiny things and things with prints, especially sequins. They look good on any skin and they always punch it up a notch with just one key piece.

Luckily for me they are in season and range in age appropiateness. So to my friend Grace (aka Mama Wears Prada), grab that coat and where it with abandon.

You will be fabulous either way.

Dear lord, please bless me with a pair of gold sequin harem pants for Christmas. I don't care if they will be out of style soon. Thank you.


superlilo said...

party pants never go out of style.ran into arul. he still has his party pants from '99.

Anonymous said...

where can I get a pair of these from?