Dec 13, 2010

The collection of things...

I'm obsessed with all things sweets and the concept of dessert and candy tables. This also plays nicely into the fact that I love to collect stuff (teacups, dishes, cake stands, tablecloths, etc.). My husband says I should be on that show Hoarders on TLC (didn't have to heart to tell him I found the biggest house I could so I could have more room for all my stuff-I know its a problem but please don't judge me). I love finding new uses for old stuff (and YES I admit to bringing stuff I found on the street home).

Anyway, I have seen some beautiful tablescapes, dessert tables, candy displays, centerpieces etc. lately (chalk it up to my event planner research) and I want to shout out the following for their work: Shauna Younge of Minneapolis, Amy Atlas, WhiteRoom Events of Australia and Sweet Girly Mommy of France. You should check them out at their blogs or on FB and twitter.

Below I have culled some of the best I've found for your enjoyment (note: lots of these elements can be recreated for kids parties or with your children as an activity).

Quick Tip: The key to all of these ideas is picking a theme or color and sticking with it. Grouping fair amounts of things in jars or on trays/stands gives these elements a chic artful approach.

mama mo's pretty little things...


Sweet Tables...

This centerpiece overhang is a real statement and not hard to recreate:

Saw this on Apartment Therapy (if you don't own any Apothecary jars you need to get some, like 3-4 will do the trick in varying sizes):

The next 3 are all from Shauna Younge who is an amazing talent:

Halloween inspired and on a budget (all items from Target-woohoo)...




Be inspired, make it beautiful and if you are busy...Darn it, just hire someone to do it (no shame in my game)!

Smooches Hot Chicks!

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