Nov 8, 2010

To boob or not to boob that is the question...

I had an event the other day and during one of our breaks I noticed an extremely long line outside of one of our session rooms. As the head mommy-in-charge that I was I set out to see what was the matter.

When I arrived at the room I found the door closed and a bunch of excited attendees waiting patiently for it to open. As I approached the door the session volunteer explained to me that she had gone in but that there was a woman in there pumping.

I was so surprised that I said, 'well who told her she could have this room at this time for that when a session was about to start'.

Long story short when she emerged from the room, I said to her you know I understand the need to pump but I would have given you another room certainly not this one knowing it would back the session up (in terms of time).

Anyhoo, I think she was insulted by my statement and my assumption of her guilt (I later found out someone gave her permission to go in there--eventhough there is was a big sign outside the room with the time the session would start) and honestly thought I was being thoughfutful vs. upset which could have also been my reaction.

So I ask you am I the boob or is she?


Losing in the City said...

wow... can't believe that happened.. as an expectant mom, i wonder if that will one day be me at your conference :-)

Glow said...

I don't think you're the boob, but I don't think she is either. I think the person who told her she could go in there without paying attention to the session time is!

I do think I would have automatically gone on the defensive if I was the pumper (I'm currently pumping at work so it's an issue at the forefront of my mind right now) just because I'm always a bit unsure how other people are going to react.

I think no harm done in this case though!

Thanks for your comment on my guest post at Mummy Time.

Glowless x