Apr 11, 2008

Spring/Summer Entertaining - Part I

For us East coast people Spring seems to have finally ushered itself in. And if I'm not mistaken I think I actually heard birds chirping in the backyard this morning.

Better than that, the sun is shining brighter and folks are starting to peel off all those bulky layers (beautiful people show your freshly shaven/waxed/laser hair removal legs!).

Of course with this seasonal change comes all kinds of fun activities like backyard BBQs, picnics, rooftop parties and the pièce de résistance...the May 08'opening of the Sex and the City movie (I know you are waiting for it, don't be shy--get your babysitters lined up, not now but right now!).

For those of you like me who loves to entertain at home its definitley time to stockpile the necessary items so you and yours are ready for anything thrown you way.

Let's begin today's edition with a few notes about a well-stocked bar at its most basic level for any event. This way you can make sure your husband who only drinks Patron and your old auntie Bebe who swears Champale is still sold at the corner are both happy.

See below for all your bar basics (note: this will serve as Part I. Part II/III will be about food, invites, and music so stay tuned):



Tequila (in my house its Patron but buy whatever tickles your fancy)


Vodka (a good one)


Scotch/Whiskey of choice

Bottles of your favorite Red/White Wines

Champagne (Optional and determined by your crowd/type of event)

Beer (in my house summers are for Coronas and even Heineken)


Cranberry/Orange/Pineapple/Grapefruit Juices


Lime Juice (Rose's brand)

Club Soda


Mo'Note: There are definitely ways to save money here. For one, know your audience. If its a group of all women you could do well with a themed or signature cocktail. Also, never assume you will have a room full of drinkers, have options for your guests who don't indulge.

Mo'Note: I know folks as of late are getting away from the formality of glasses but people for the love of goodness at least have some wine glasses and a basic bar glass for your mixed drinks. Back away from the PLASTIC! Unless its a BBQ and there are children involved, treat yourself and your guests to something special (make this your Mantra).

Other items to have on hand are ice served in a well-thought out container and cocktail napkins (you could do some printed ones on the cheap-same cohesive theme/color as the invite-see Part II).

Mo'Note: You can hire bartenders for your parties these days. Set them up in a corner of your kitchen and the let them worry about the drink refilling and restocking you can just enjoy the event with your friends. Call your local bartending school and check for pricing.

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Anonymous said...

this is very helpful..... what's a classic recipe drink for an at home intimate event?

chicbusymom said...

Can I get a little more information? Intimate like two people or intimate like a group of 10 men/women?

Happy to help just need more input.